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When I get a hard money loan why do I need a notary? We do not directly offer mortgages, accept applications or approve loans but we work with partners who do. Be prepared to prove the value of the neighborhood and your particular property; what is the price of similar properties in this area? You Need Money Fast When you are investing in real estate, you will often lose deals if you must wait months to be approved for a loan. While many lenders will loan to people with bad credit, you still should try to raise your score, as you may get a lower rate. I have been working the past 20 years in industrial construction building high rise condos, computer chip manufacturing plants and offices.

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I learned about bad credit hard money loans and stumbled upon cft-group.tk while searching an REI club website. I contacted them and told them I had a property in mind and they immediately helped me set up an evaluation of the property and determine the ARV (after-repair value). The reality is that bad credit borrowers and their lenders both have to work hard for their money. Borrowers have to shop carefully, understanding that their options will be limited-and possibly expensive. The term “hard money lender” is used to describe lending outside of traditional banks or credit unions to an individual or a business. Hard money loans are .

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The disco diva's words are appropriate for the challenges of the hard money market, which affect parties on both sides of the transaction.

Hard money lenders have traditionally worked on the fringe of the mortgage industry, providing funds to borrowers who don't qualify for mortgages elsewhere.

Several years ago, mainstream lenders began digging into this target customer base, offering subprime mortgages in all shapes and sizes to bad credit borrowers. But this trend has recently reversed itself.

As more mainstream lenders exit the subprime mortgage arena due to rising foreclosures, hard money lenders are finding themselves in the driver's seat once again. The terms of a hard money loan are aggressive. Interest rates generally start at 12 percent, while the minimum down payment requirement might be 30 percent.

Hard money lenders recognize that credit-challenged borrowers have few options. These lenders aren't necessarily cruel at heart-they have to consider the probability of incurring foreclosure costs when pricing the loan. From the lender's perspective, the business of lending to known credit risks has to be profitable, or they wouldn't provide the service.

Some hard money lenders cut down on the risks involved by specializing in geographic areas and avoiding states with cumbersome lending regulations. Geographic specialization helps lenders maintain better insight into the current and future value of their customers' properties.

Since these specialized lenders don't operate everywhere, some borrowers who need a hard money loan won't be able to find one. We specialize in getting you the cash you need out of your home when others have turned you down. Leverage the Equity in your home, condo or investment to fit your unique needs. Don't wait 60 days for a bank to turn you down! Used Private Equity funds and close within 12 days!

Used the equity in your home to pay off debt, home improvement or just get cash out. Simple fast easy answers based on the value and equity in your home. Tell us about your loan needs. Commercial or Residental Loan Address: We can assist you with any real estate loan transaction in any of the Florida counties and cities. We offer the following loan options: We can assist your potential customers with the financing for their purchase that they may not be eligible for through conforming bank loans, FHA and conventional lending sources.

We offer specialized programs for high profile borrowers with unique needs and situations. Hard money and subprime loans are our specialty and we strive to structure a loan that fits your needs.

Some hard working people here, with a flexible business model. Fast and just what's needed. I recently received a home loan from Associates I have fair credit inherited my home from parents and it is my first home. I only needed 30, The process easy loan officer answered all my questions and I received the money I needed.