Refund anticipation loan

Previous to this time refunds would take on average two to three months to come back from the IRS which is why the Loan on Tax Refund also known as Refund Anticipations Loan business flourished. A Refund Anticipation Loan RAL is a loan made by a lender that is based on and usually repaid by an anticipated federal income tax refund. The sooner you apply online at eTaxLoan. What is a creditor who provides RALs required to disclose in writing? When the government sends the actual refund check, it is directly deposited into the bank that made the loan.

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Refund Transfer Means Convenience and Security

Low cost tax refund anticipation loans in 1 hour also known as RAL loans in 1 hour that won't bury you in debt. Plain and simple, specializes in getting you a fast low cost advance on your tax refund. Apply Online Now and be Approved in Less than 1 Hour. tax advance, advance on taxes, apply for tax refund loan, cash  · Refund anticipation loan (RAL) is a short-term consumer loan in the United States provided by a third party against an expected tax refund for the duration it takes the tax authority to pay the  · A Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) is a loan made by a lender that is based on and usually repaid by an anticipated federal income tax refund. They are offered starting in December through the end of the tax season in

How Soon Can I Get My Tax Refund?

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This process provides you with an opportunity to see if you prequalify to apply for the Refund Advance loan. This means BofI Federal Bank, the lender for Refund Advance, will evaluate whether you are eligible to apply for the Refund Advance loan based in part on your tax situation from last year and certain eligibility criteria determined by the bank.

This offer is not guaranteed, so if your tax situation or other relevant inputs change, your prequalification to apply could change. By going through the prequalification process, you are not applying for the Refund Advance loan; you must still pass the eligibility criteria and submit an application at the time you file your tax return.

There are no finance charges and no loan fees charged for the Refund Advance. You first must meet certain eligibility requirements such as having a sufficient tax refund from the IRS, and provide appropriate identification. You then submit an application to BofI Federal Bank, the lender. The bank will evaluate your application based on standard underwriting criteria and makes the decision to approve or deny your application.

The bank may review your credit report as part of your application, but the review will not impact your credit score. If your application is approved, in most cases the funds will be available the same day you apply for the Refund Advance. No, the sole disbursement option for the Refund Advance loan proceeds is the Emerald Card. You can find out more about Emerald Card here. Please be responsible and consider all options prior to applying for a tax refund anticipation loan.

You do not have to apply for a RAL in order to e-file your taxes. Step 1 Complete easy online tax interview and select YOUR tax refund preference including the option of a holiday tax advance refund anticipation loan. Tax advance refund anticipation loan online is a loan product. A refund anticipation loan is not required to e-file your tax return. If you select a tax advance loan there are no upfront fees to pay.

Tax preparation fees do apply. Step 3 Tax advance loan direct deposited to YOUR selected account checking, savings, or prepaid card. Availability of funds may vary depending on YOUR financial institution.

Tax Advance Instant Tax Loan Fast, safe, and secure refund anticipation loan via direct deposit to a checking, savings, or prepaid account. Don't wait for your W-2 to come in the mail. You are our highest priority and the security of your information is paramount. We provide a quick and easy online application to process your information safely and securely on our website. Once you fill in the online data, you can sit back and relax. We take it from there and go to work for you getting the money that you need right now.

Rake in money that is rightfully yours, when you qualify for an online tax refund loan. Watch your hard earned tax money rush back to you and once again fill up your bank account. We understand that you need your refund now but want a reliable lender to make it happen. You have important things to do and a busy life, and we agree that waiting for your tax money should not be an issue for you - don't wait!