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B Interest on the loan does not exceed a rate of twenty- eight Small installment personal loan cent per annum. In the event of denial, the division shall return the license fee but shall retain the investigation fee. All actual and necessary expenses incurred by the superintendent, including any services rendered by the department of commerce for the division's administration of Chapters B No person not located in Ohio shall make a short-term loan to a borrower in Ohio from an office not located in Ohio. G In addition to the interest and charges provided for by this section, no further or other amount shall be charged or required by the licensee, except the amounts of fees authorized by law to record, file, or release security interests on a loan and fees for credit reports, which amounts may be included in the principal amount of the loan or collected at any time after the loan is made, and except costs and disbursements to which the licensee may become entitled by law in connection with any suit to collect a loan or any lawful activity to realize on a security interest after default. C For the purpose of the limitations set forth in this section, the amount of any such indebtedness shall be determined by including the entire obligation of any person to the licensee for principal, direct or contingent or both, as borrower, indorser, guarantor, surety for, or otherwise, whether incurred or subsisting under one or more than one contract of loan, except that any contract of indorsement, guaranty, or suretyship that does not obligate the indorser, guarantor, or surety for any charges in excess of eight per cent per annum, is not included in such entire obligation.

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