It pays to check your credit rating

Crazy Rich Asians is a Hollywood movie, not real life. TransUnion has been keeping records on 4. They compile credit reports based on data received from its members: For years HSBC would neither give me a credit card nor tell me why not. Importantly, you can also check who has reviewed your credit report within the last two years. A healthy credit history is key to getting a loan, higher credit limits and better interest rates.

Personal Loans in Hong Kong

Please enter your mobile number and applications' original loan amount to check the status of your application. Mobile. Mobile number incorrect Final approval is subject to the final submission of all relevant documents and the credit record of the applicant. WeLab now boasts million customers in Hong Kong and the mainland, a loan. Bad Credit? 5 Ways to Get Approved for a Personal Loan January 2, | Posted by moneyhero it’s entirely possible to get approved for a personal loan in Hong Kong even if you have a bad credit score. Just but be prepared to be charged a higher interest on the loan. you can apply at another bank. Check out your options at our. Offers personal loan with rate as low as %. Get a quick loan approval result within 15 seconds! No penalty for early settlement!

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