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How do I submit a claim?

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Student Loans Increase Home Foreclosures. Housing Crisis Causing Vehicle Dwellers. Three Provocative Business Bankruptcy Decisions of Prompted by recent bankruptcy and district court decisions, Larry Ahern reviews some rules governing the preparation and filing of financing statements UCC-1s and explains how a UCC-1 might be fatally deficient. In Part II, he will review four recent decisions that illustrate the strictness of the rules governing naming of debtors on UCC-1s.

Click here for Opinion. Slump in California Home Sales. Eight Hard-earned Tips on Military Transition. Travel on a Budget. Consumer Debt at All-Time High. Should Banks Be Worried?

Two Recession Warning Signs are Here. You Could Be Mildly Dehydrated. Farmers in the News Not password protected. Who Gets Paid When? The Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and Official Forms were amended last year in ways that significantly affected Chapter 13 Trustees and practitioners in many ways. Ahern follows his series with Beverly Burden by discussing an important unanswered question for trustees, debtors and creditors: How is the order of distribution to creditors determined?

Arbitration Petition at U. Tapping K Is Risky. From the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Post-Petition Condo Fees Dischargeable. He approaches his role as a public servant with humility and unsurpassed dedication. His steady character, work ethic, and commitment to free markets and consumer choice make him exactly what our country needs at this agency. Payday Loans Not password protected. Tripling Down on Plain Meaning: Bankruptcy and the Kavanaugh Appointment. Click here for an analysis done by the AO of permitted changes to official bankruptcy formsSee also: Leffler, Boleman Law Firm, P.

Click here for an analysis done by the AO of permitted changes to official bankruptcy forms See also: From the Courts — Retirements Not password protected.

Retirement of Judge Meredith A. Jury Effective June 29, The Best Military Discounts in — Active-duty service members, veterans, and retirees can save big by asking about deals and freebies. Home Prices Up 7. Wealth of Millionaires Surges Sky-High Deductibles Broke the U.

Best Advice to U. Otherwise, even though the statement is false, the debt is dischargeable, notwithstanding subsection a 2 A. Not Born in the USA? An excellent article exploring answers to can and should an undocumented person file for bankruptcy protection in America?? Existing Home Sales Backpedal in May. Gearing up for retirement? Make sure you understand your tax obligations. One Year After Midland v. Credit Cards in the News Not password protected.

Stanley remains in jail after allegedly committing more debt collection crimes while out on bail. Defrauded Students Will Stay Indebted. Dunning at the Drive-Thru. Who thought that hanging paragraphs were a good idea?

These organizations can help. Pension Benefits for Spouses of Veterans. Johnson By Mark C. Does the statute of limitations for suing a debt collector for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act commences on the date the violation occurred , or the date the consumer discovered the violation?

What Is a Loan? Supreme Court Appling Case. Northington, and some consequences of that decision, which may not have been intended by the majority. This is part of a series of comments on statutes and decisions that have consequences beyond the contemplation of the legislators and judges involved. If you have suggestions for future analyses, please send them to Mr. Delinquent Property Tax Sales: Why Might Surprise You.

Payday Lender or Loan Shark: Is There Really a Difference? No deduction for moving expenses No miscellaneous deductions for un-reimbursed employee expenses uniforms, union dues and the deduction for business-related meals, entertainment and travel Also from the CFPB: Acting Director Mick Mulvaney issued the following statement in response to bulletin from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency regarding short-term, small-dollar credit: Millions of Americans desperately need access to short-term, small-dollar credit.

We cannot simply wish away that need. In any market, robust competition is a win for consumers. The Bureau will strive to expand consumer choice, and I look forward to working with the OCC and other partners on efforts to promote access and innovation in the consumer credit marketplace.

Malware is Bad Not password protected. More Criminalization of Private Debt Not password protected. To preclude any realistic way to pay these fees and costs is ridiculous. Keeping Up with the Joneses: Using Trusts to Protect Assets in Bankruptcy. Stronger Underwriting Gives Lower Defects. Mortgage Rates Up, Sales Down. Ellie Mae Origination Insight Report. While you may need this information to properly advise your clients, you will certainly want to glance at it for your own business taxes.

The National Consumer Law Center encourages your nominations for a deserving defender of consumer rights to receive the Countryman Award, which will be presented at the annual Consumer Rights Litigation Conference. Deadline for receipt of nominations is June 29th. Click here for a list of previous winners. The Criminalization of Private Debt Not password protected.

So what do you get when you hire an embezzler, fire him, and rehire him? Housing Confidence Bottoms Out. Is that worker a company employee or an independent contractor? May 18 at 2: Robocalls In the News Not password protected.

Recent Developments in Chapter Part III of this series is expected to provide new forms for plan provisions affected by these changes. Position Openings Not password protected. Term Law Clerk-Chambers Judge: May 31, U. Courts Not password protected. No Housing Affordability Crisis Yet. Home Equity Conversion Mortgages. It was December 5, — days since we brought barbeque to PG and added to the fun downtown. And, wow, what a ride it has been. Initially you may have fallen in love with the room, the homemade food, or our outstanding service.

But after time, you began to see the little things which make The Copper Pig so unique. However, not everyone appreciated what we were doing and they were in shock to find we do not serve steaks, do not make french fries, … or wait for it … do not sell Budweiser. The ones who really did not understand what we were trying to do is a socialhouse from down south. And although I was upset with being served papers, the final outcome was amazing, because people started rallying behind the business, and news spread of a new bbq house in town.

And we have had a lot of fun doing it. I cannot begin to count the good times we have had. TCP has held fundraising events, St.