You can ask a friend or family member to finance a loan. The only places I know that don't do background checks are where drug addicts live, or if someone's lucky enough to rent from family or an employer--which isn't a bad idea when I think about it. Start a Discussion in PF. Getting a loan for my first car without a cosigner? I'm certain that you will find many financial solution at: I think not trying to look long term would be a mistake.


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Debt Is there any way to get a loan without pay stubs? (cft-group.tkalfinance) submitted 2 years ago by laurelpalooza. Do not get a payday loan or anything similar. The terms and interest rates on these are ridiculous and will cause you problems for years to come. 10 minutes later they'll send you a check. permalink; embed; save; give. Jan 08,  · RE How can i get a loan without check stubs? i just got this job today but i NEED $ now! i have bad credit what can i do? what type of loan can i get? plz plz help If you looking for a legitimate payday loans upto $ in 1 approved your loan will be transferred directly to your checking account promptly, and Status: Resolved. How Our Loans Work. such as a bank statement, pay stub, social security card or state issued photo identification. A detailed description of terms by state can be your check until your next payday. Step3: Get Cash Walk out the door with your fast cash instantly. Step4: Repay Loan On your next payday, repay advance plus fee.

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You should use written documentation that contains the terms of the loan, even with family, says Shirley Anderson with the University of Minnesota Extension Service.

Signed documentation can prevent misunderstandings over loan terms. While loan fees can be high if you do not have a history of credit, they may be your only option until you build your credit history. Asking a friend or relative to co-sign a loan with you can be a way to begin building a credit history, but will require him to pay if you cannot — or do not — pay. Once you receive credit, using it judiciously and making all of your payments can make future credit easier to obtain if your lender reports your account to the credit bureau.

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The other option is to Doesn't seem like an option at the moment. Rentals can be had without credit checks or references, it won't be much more than a roof and heat but it's doable. OP does not have much to work with. Other options can also be asking friends and family but outside of that, this is a blaze that isn't going to be put out with wishes. You also cannot evict someone who has moved out, you can only sure for back rent and the like. Credit reports also don't go back that far, at 7 years the vast majority of things are gone into the void.

No, the option is to work with your landlord before it gets to that point. They might be able to work out a temporary reduction in rent, which gets increased once OP gets a job again. They might accept a lowered amount to get out of the contract be careful to get this in writing! It depends on the rental situation. I have a friend who does rentals that let one person get up to 45 days behind, although he did require her to pay a late fee when she got back in the green.

Background checks that a rental agency will surely do will show this kind of history. Judgments will be on their Credit Report.

Otherwise a lot of people would just clean out their apartment and bounce! The only places I know that don't do background checks are where drug addicts live, or if someone's lucky enough to rent from family or an employer--which isn't a bad idea when I think about it.

OP should start working seasonally somewhere with housing. I was wrong with 10 years--that's bankruptcy--but it will take some time to get through the court process to begin with, and then there's also a lag for items falling off. I personally had to contest something on my Credit Report that was inaccurately reported, and it took 10 months despite repeated calls to both the fraudulent collection agency and the CRAs.

I wouldn't expect it to only affect them for 7 years. And I may be in a very different housing market than you, but I have never had to deal with a rental agency for any place I've been to. And making an assumption, I really don't think OP is really all that concerned with what will happen in 7 years or even one year when they are in a bind today, right now, and looking for just anything they can possibly do to stave some of the blood flow.

My response reflect my lack of concern for that magical 7 years, to get to this point, they have been in a bind for far longer than that. Moving forward, after this fire is put out, there are many more options, including things like bankruptcy, which does not halt your life for a decade, you recover much faster than that when you learn and execute smart decisions that will lead you away from what got you to that point in the first place.

Ha, I think we've had very different life experiences. I wish I had been more concerned about the next 7 years of my life three years ago, and I have poor credit based off a bad decision I made back then in what seemed to me was an impossible situation to get out of.

I think not trying to look long term would be a mistake. I did similar further south. I have recently recovered from some poor choices years ago, and learned that while it's better to have not gotten to that point, once you're there, you are much better off dealing with the aftermath than trying to struggle to correct it. I used every last option I could think of then and still had to call it all a loss.