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Verma seeks a loan. The customer thus remains updated of the entire loan process at every stage without there being any ambiguity. I had chosen to go with them since there was already a loan with HDFC and it was a bit easier to make the payments with them. The process was very good and the i have the loan on time. You can get a loan of up to Rs. You can save your time and money by utilizing the online services of IndiaLends. There has not been any hassles faced with their banking services so far.

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 · HDFC Bank's online personal loan EMI calculator makes it easy for you to figure out the monthly payment on your loan. When you take a loan, the equated monthly instalment is a key factor in deciding the loan amount and Tools and calculators. Calculate and view your EMIs for the loan on your HDFC Bank Credit Card. Calculate Now. Personal Loan EMI Calculator. Get the best offer and interest rates on an HDFC Bank Personal or Business Loan in just 2 minutes. Get the best offer and interest rates on an HDFC Bank Personal or Business Loan in just 2 minutes HDFC Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator Online Lowest EMI Rs. with Interest Rate at %, Tenure upto 60 months Calculate

HDFC Personal Loan Calculator

Why Choose HDFC Bank Personal Loan?

One can apply for a HDFC Personal Loan online through the portal of our website as we provide easy loan application through online medium.

Interested applicant can follow the below steps for applying online:. Visit the website www. The bank boasts of issuing the loan within the day if the application details are correct and the applicant can complete the documentation facility immediately. There is no inconvenience caused to the applicant through the online application process because it is a simple process and can be done anytime which suits the individual and also from any place. The personal details of the applicant are required to be filled which is required to identify him before the bank would issue the loan.

The details about the loan may also be sought. The next step involves the submission of relevant documents and the application process is then deemed complete. The bank would then analyze the information to assess the eligibility of the applicant and if satisfied, the loan would be granted at the earliest possible time. By visiting the website of the bank and opting for the relevant Loan Application Tracker, one can successfully view the status of the loan application made with the bank.

The loan takes some time to get sanctioned and the applicant may want to know the stage at which his loan is stuck. Every answer is available with the bank in the application status tool which is available online. One would have to provide the tool the application number which is provided by the bank at the time of application and the status would be seen.

Here are some questions which are discussed which provide a quick reference on the various nitty-gritties of the loan. However, the actual amount of HDFC Personal loan which is allowed is entirely dependent on the application submitted. The absolute values serve as the minimum and maximum limit and define the condition that the amount sanctioned must remain within these limits.

The applicant may choose any period which is within this limit to repay HDFC Personal loan and the EMI would be decided based on the tenure of repayment chosen by the borrower. Higher tenure would imply a lower EMI and vice-versa. The borrower wishing to prepay the loan would have to pay off the entire outstanding amount at once or would have to pay the equated instalments as and when they fall due.

Partial prepayment of any amount is not allowed by the bank. A — Just as pledging means assigning a security in the name of the bank, de-pledging of the security has the opposite meaning. It means that the bank revokes its rights on the pledged property and the property reverts back in the name of the applicant. A — Other than the charges mentioned in the schedule of charges as mentioned above, charges are payable in case of defaulting on the Equated Monthly Instalments payable and also when the applicant changes the mode of repayment of the loan.

These charges have been revised by the bank and currently a service charge of Rs. A — If the applicant has an existing Salary Account with HDFC Bank and chooses to avail of HDFC Personal Loans, the applicant can avail the benefit of preferential treatments in respect of the interest rate charged on the loan, the relevant processing fee for the loan, a faster loan processing and requirement of minimal documents.

A Standing Instruction to debit the relevant Salary Account for paying off the Personal Loan instalment can be placed on the account. A — After completing the submission of the Application Form and all the other relevant documents, HDFC Personal loan is processed and simultaneously disbursed by the bank within a period of 7 days if all the documents which are relevant are in order and duly submitted and the Application Form is also free from ambiguity.

Only salaried individuals employed in a steady job can avail of the loan. Such salaried employees should also have a minimum monthly income of Rs.

Salaried individuals also include in its context professionals like Doctors, lawyers, CAs, etc. If they run their independent practice, they would be classified as self-employed professionals and cannot avail of the loan. Moreover, individuals employed in the public sector with Government organizations are also eligible for availing of the HDFC Personal loan.

Other than the occupation criterion, the loan also has the age criterion and individuals aged 21 years and above and within the age of 60 years can only avail of the HDFC Personal loan. Q — What documents are required to be submitted for banks to offer personal loans? A — Other than the mandatory requirement of the KYC Know Your Customer documents like the Identity Proof, Address Proof and the Photograph, the documents supporting the income details of the applicant are also required.

Such income documents include the Salary Slip, Form 16 and bank statements are required. My approval got delayed as there was some issue with my documents, however it got resolved within a week. This delayed my loan approval.

I provided my personal de.. I provided my personal details and the loan amount I wish to take. I simply selected my HDFC personal loan and clicked apply. The services by HDFC have always been very good and the bank is very quick in replying. Recently, I applied for a personal loan to travel abroad and I got my.. Recently, I applied for a personal loan to travel abroad and I got my disbursal amount in few days.

My HDFC personal loan got approved at The bank has very quick system of loan approvals and disbursals. I am very happy with the loan services by the bank. I feel so thankful to you all for offering this extended support and helping me in arranging my personal loan. I have got the confirmation from HDFC and just waiting for my money which is a real need for this time.

I want to specially thank Ms I want to specially thank Ms. Rekha for her proactive response and follow ups, she has been regularly arranging the calls and documentations, in fact responding back to me as in when required. I will definitely recommend Paisabazaar to all my known. My loan scheme got approved very quickly and the processing did not take much time. It has an interest rate on my repayments of I wanted to avail this loan to start a new business of my own.

Very good bank with good loan schemes!! I have very low interest rate on loan amount without any additional charges over it. My loan scheme has insurance benefits to cover my health.

So far I am happy with.. So far I am happy with the services. I am very happy with my HDFC personal loan. I got an additional accidental cover and a critical illness cover with my loan amount. The loan application process was very simple and the documentation was very quick. The interest rate applicable on my l.. The interest rate applicable on my loan is Very happy with the services and benefits.

I have read and agree to Terms of Use. However, you can also know general eligibility criteria of HDFC personal loan. This time-saving tool with its smartest algorithms allows you to know the exact calculations related to your EMI, Interest Outgo and Total Amount Payable in a hassle-free manner. You simply need to feed -Loan Amount, Tenure and Interest Rate into the tool and it starts to function and gives the results within few seconds.

This is the reason that why many loan seekers prefer to use this online tool so as to enjoy a smooth loan journey. It not only comes handy to know the exact and accurate EMI calculations but it also allows you to have a better understanding regarding Interest and Total Amount Payable, hence is widely used by many loan seekers. Apply Personal Loan Apply Home Loan 8. Year Principal Interest Balance Amount. People Also Look For. How to manage your finance this festive season?

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