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It is provided by banks or financial institutions to those who are economically underprivileged in the society. Some prepaid cards do allow you to load with a credit card, but there is usually a fee involved. A database of all the Agencies in the U. All prepaid cards charge various fees, but some of them waive some or all of the fees if you sign up for direct deposit. So when you cancel a card, you lose the available credit. I know that with Account now, I would get charged a fee of 50 cents for each transaction in store and online. What does it usually be an is there any out of pocket fee I have to pay.

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Using the app means you can:. As an FNB credit card holder, you can choose one of our six convenient auto payment options to help ensure your credit card payment is made on time, every time:. Pay a fixed amount each month - This amount cannot be less than the minimum amount owed.

Pay the full statement balance - Settle the full amount outstanding on the straight facility. Pay the full outstanding balance - Settle the full outstanding balance including your budget instalment s for the relevant month. Our auto-payment options will give you peace of mind knowing that your credit card is paid every month, on time.

This helps your credit score and will improve your overall credit health. Managing your debt means using your credit card responsibly so that you only use what you can afford to repay each month. Here are some tips for responsible spending:. Have a conservative credit card limit. Make sure your credit card limit is an amount you're comfortable with, one you know you'll be able to afford to pay back each month. If you have a very high credit limit, it can be tempting to dip into it without considering the repayments that will be required afterwards.

Don't change your spending behaviour. Use the 55 days interest free period to your advantage. Pay the full amount of the credit card purchase within 55 days to avoid incurring interest. Use your free budget facility. If you're making large purchases of R and up, our FREE budget facility is ideal for making larger purchases that you can then pay off over a period of 6 to 60 months.

View your credit card statements each month. This will help you keep track of your spending habits and raise any disputes straight away. Knowing what you spend every month on different items will help you to spend more responsibly. How to move up a Reward Level.

After you've qualified, the second step is to move up a reward level. Your reward level is determined by how many points you've collected in a calendar month. You collect points based on how you bank. The more points you collect, the higher your reward level. Your reward level is reviewed monthly, which means that you may be on a different reward level every month.

Visit the eBucks website to try our handy eBucks Rewards Calculator for tips on how to move up a reward level. Bank cards offer a lot of benefits, and far outweigh the risk and expenses associated with handling cash. Despite this, there are still security risks with using your card - which is why it comes with several security features designed to minimise fraud, while improving convenience for you.

Remember that card safety is a two-way street between you and your bank, so in addition to your bank's protection measures, you should always exercise caution so you don't fall victim to fraudulent activities. Follow these tips to avoid card fraud;. When considering shopping online, make sure you're dealing with a reputable retailer before sharing any personal information or your card details.

Activate any additional security features As soon as you receive your credit card activate Online Secure. Don't use public Wifi hotspots to shop online Every time you enter your personal information using a public network, you're exposing your details to potential hackers. Public Wifi hotspots don't encrypt your data. If you're planning on entering sensitive credit card details, rather use your secure WiFi connection at home or office.

Frequently check your credit card statements We can't always catch fraudulent transactions and we rely on you to always keep an eye on your credit card statement to spot purchases you didn't make or receive. If you notice or suspect a fraudulent transaction, immediately dispute the transaction and block or cancel your card to avoid further fraudulent activity.

The 'S' means the website is secure and that your information is sent through a secure portal. Another obvious sign that you're on a secure website is the lock icon in the URL bar. Be careful with the information you share on HTTP sites and if a broken lock icon is displayed. Never click on links in emails Rather type out the full website address in your browser. Most phishing scams duplicate legitimate sites you would normally trust, like bank sites and online retailer sites.

Once you enter your personal information on the fake site your information is stolen. Real sites, especially banks will never ask for your personal information over an email. If you have any doubts, contact the bank or retailer immediately. Change your online account passwords frequently To stay safe when shopping online it's crucial to update your online account passwords every three to six months and never use the same password for all your accounts. If your card is lost, stolen or has been used fraudulently, contact us on the following numbers:.

Alternatively, you can phone the number on the back of your card with any queries you may have. Smart inContact provides you with the means to easily and quickly report fraud via the app for any suspicious swipes, withdrawals, debit orders, payments, transfers and more. Tap your contactless card.

Contactlesss technology allows you to make fast and secure payments for low value purchases by simply tapping your card on a contactless enabled point-of-sale device. If you're planning on travelling locally or abroad, be sure to let us know of your plans by phoning the number on the back of your card, so that we can monitor your transactions and check for any suspicious transactions.

In the event that your card gets lost or stolen, you have the following three options. Credit can be a confusing concept to navigate if you aren't that familiar with it. But it can also be a very helpful one, which is why it's worth knowing the basics, so you can benefit from the credit options available to you.

We have almost 50 years of experience with credit cards and are here to provide you with the expert guidance you need to make good financial decisions. A credit card's interest rate is the price you pay for borrowing money. With credit cards, the interest rates are typically stated as a yearly rate, which is called the annual percentage rate APR. You can avoid paying interest on purchases if you pay your balance in full each month.

If you're an FNB customer, you can get a personalised interest rate on your credit card that's based on your credit profile and affordability. Using a credit card is one of the smartest and most convenient ways to book your return travel tickets and accommodation online. Other ways to apply. Complete the call me back form. Terms, conditions and rules apply. What would you like to do? Need help with the process? Menu Bank Lifestyles Services Bank better. Switch to FNB Do it now! Your access details have been entered incorrectly.

Have you forgotten your Username or Password? Reset your Username or Password. Manage your credit card on the app with ease. How to increase your credit card limit.

How to download your credit card statements. How to temporarily block your credit card. How to unblock your credit card. How to transfer money from your cheque account to your credit card. How to redeem vouchers. ULoans is a loan lead provider. We go out and find a loan agent on your behalf. As we deal with many quality brokers, who again deal with many lenders, your chances of finding a loan is optimized.

Some of the agents deal with the major and smaller bank, other agents deal with micro lenders, even specialist consolidation agents. For those applying for a consolidation loan; since the criteria of consolidations are that more strict, and difficult to obtain, we will include agents who deal in personal loans too. The reason being, should you not receive the consolidation, you can fall back on a smaller personal loan. The money of the personal loan should then be used for paying arrears and smaller debt, therefore improving your credit score and improving your consolidation application further down the track.

ULoans does not receive commission from the agents or lenders dealing with your loan application, therefore ULoans can make an unbiased decision who to send your loan application to, but do charge a ONCE OFF loan lead providers administration fee of R It will only be debited on or around your next payday up to 33 days from application. Unlike the rest in SA; after receiving your documentation, we start processing with immediate effect, we do not first wait for the money. If approved, you could receive the loan into your account, even before we are paid.

If you agree, please complete the attached documents and send it back to us, with all relevant documentation, as mentioned above, so that we can complete the process. This loan lead providers administration fee has nothing to do with the loan itself, therefore we can find you the best agents and lenders, without restrictions and obligations.

It is not uncommon to receive more than one loan offer, or a consolidation loan with a cash pay-out. By using the services of ULoans , your single loan application is potentially tested against all the below:. Click Here To Apply Online. When applying for a ULoan, please have the following documents ready, as this will speed up your application: Unfortunately there are some we cannot help; if any of the below applies to you, we cannot assist with finding a loan.

Please note that even if you have a letter stating that the order was removed it MUST be removed from the Credit Bureau before you can apply for a loan. So U have not made the click for a loan yet, go for it, and apply now! If you are interested in a personal loan or consolidation loan, or increasing your existing loan, your credit score could be your friend or your worst enemy.

But what is your credit score, as kept by the main credit reporting agencies: Trans Union, Experian and Compuscan? Credit score is a 3-diget number which is generated by comparing data that mainly comprises of 5 major elements, namely: What to do and what not; to protect or improve your Credit Score and maximizing your loan opportunity: Every time a payment is late, your credit score will decrease.

The more recent late payments are worse to your score than older once, therefore by paying loans and other accounts, on-time will be a good indication of your changed habits. If you cannot make the full loan payment, pay a smaller amount on time and make arrangements for the rest, but make it before the due date.

Pay your credit cards By making at least the minimum repayments on time, every time will be good for your credit score; it shows you can manage your debt. By making more than the minimum payment is even better, as it shows your desire to lower your loan debt. Rather try and negotiate to skip a payment, before the payment due date or lower payments till such time you can continue with regular payments and repaying any arrears.

Even if you skipped a payment, try and make a payment on your next payday, as that will help keeping you from the courts. Minimize the amount of loans and credit cards to your name.

While you are paying off a loan try and avoid taking on more credit, at least till such time you can afford to make larger repayments.

Debt Consolidation Avoid having lots of small loans and accounts where you have credit facilities. Rather consolidate all the small debt into one larger loan account.

You save on administration and other fees with only this one loan account. The consolidation loan is not paid out to you, instead all your smaller loans are paid with the help of the consolidation agent. Consolidation is not the same as Debt Counselling, as discussed later.

Debt ratio Debt to income ratio is the ratio of your monthly net income compared to total monthly debt repayments. Another ratio to consider is debt ratio. That is the ratio of debt to your credit limit. Lenders prefer the difference between what you owe and your credit limit to be as big as possible. It is also good to first pay those loans and accounts with large interest rates, and accounts where your debt is very close to your credit limit.

Close unused lines of credit Close accounts that are no longer in use, for instance clothing accounts you no longer use or require. The same goes for disused credit cards, especially when applying for large loans.

Minimizing the amount of credit checks done on you When you seek a loan, do not apply with every lender and agent to be found on the net or back office, not even every bank, small or large!!

Every time you apply, and a credit check is done on you, you lose points from your credit score. Minimize money movement Excessive movement of funds between accounts and banks can be seen a s form of money laundering, which will work against your loan chances.

Credit Cards Too many credit cards, with extremely high limits are not good for a loan application. If the bulk of your debt is made up of credit card debt, your credit score will be lower. But having credit card with an excellent credit history can sometimes count in your favor. Credit history Having a bad credit history is without saying, bad for obtaining a larger or another loan. The same goes for having no credit history, or a very short credit history.

Lenders have no history to go by in order to know if you will repay your loan.