I proceeded to call him back, requesting court document case 's, location of the court, county and state. A few minutes later, I get a call that shows as my work phone number on the caller id. They make you trust them and then that's when you get scammed. When I called them out on it they cursed me up one side and down the other but best believe they got an earfull inreturn Mon, February 11, Reported By:

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Celebrity Skin Cream wrinkle cream rip-off advertisements US Based and Foreign companies bilked consumers out of Hundreds of Millions of dollars over the past 7 years. What the BBB has done to consumers for over years is one of the many reasons why Ripoff Report was created.

View More Recent Featured Reports. We Need Your Help! Wed, December 16, Updated: Mon, February 11, Reported By: Also Contacted by these people I am currently being contacted by these people. They are really trying to scam everybody. Reputation Management Corporate Advocacy Program This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation.

Show customers why they should trust your business over your competitors Add Rebuttal to this Report. Respond to this report! Thursday, October 15, Wednesday, November 13, Friday, August 16, Monday, August 05, Wednesday, May 29, Wednesday, April 17, I bet the person calling has a middle eastern accent. I get these calls from time to time and I just laugh and tell them I know this is a scam and they are not going to get a dime.

It really messes up there plans and they hang up on me. So anyone reading this beware if they call you just tell them you know it's a scam and your not giving them a dime they will hang up on you.

And another thing a failed ACH can not be bad check and they can do nothing to you for a failed ACH it is not the same as a bad check. Also when they threaten you it is a violation of the FDCPA laws and could sue them but you probably couldn't do that because they don't live in this country. Tuesday, April 16, I just received the same calls. They threatened to throw me in jail, etc. I told them I suspected fraud and was going to contact the authorites, the man, who said his name was both David Fisher and Anthony White with a thick middle eastern accent , became irate and yelled and cursed and gave all kinds of threats.

I contacted the FBI, which suggested I submit a report to the internet crime department. The website to file the complaint is complaint. Monday, February 11, I contacted the FBI in my state closest to me and informed them. I also contacted the Federal Trade Commision and filed a report with them. If they keep calling you everyday, then you need to contact these agencies and also another thing I do is since I do not have a home phone anymore, I create a contact call "do not answer" and when I get one of these calls, I add the number to that contact.

But ultimately you need to just take the power from them and find out what your rights are for. One of those rights is they have to provide you a written validation of debt listing details of the debt and send it to you. Saturday, February 09, In general when I would ask questions or ask them to send me a validation of debt, they would raise thier voices and start cursing at me and hang up.

I would call them back to try to figure out if this was real and they would answer the same number multiple times. They threatened me with embaressment for me from my family and my job finding out about this.

They also tried to threaten me with "if you don't pay me now then tomorrow am we will have some people at your house to arrest you. I DID NOT pay them because I was making another call to my lawyers office and they said that they have never heard of this and they do bankruptcies.

I would have hung up with them at that point in time but they were threatening my job and I had to file a report with my company's security officer. I had to do some things because my companies security officer said I needed to. I called and left message with IL states attorneys office to tell them of this scam.

I also filed a fraud alert with my credit. The FTC said that they did all this wrong on several points If they were filling a lawsuit, then I know that they would have to send me notification FIRST before they did anything and I have a right to get my own lawyer.

I am sending this story to you because if they called me then they have hit other people around too. See the following website Wednesday, October 31, The lady got very confrontational. Now they won't even answer my calls. So if you receive a call from these people just tell them you have checked them out and they are nothing but a scam and wait for them to blow up.

These people are over in the middle east and try to scam anybody they can so beware. Friday, October 26, I filed a report with Rippoff.

They called me and told me pretty much what all of you were told. I was scared until I found this web site. Lillie in Quincy, IL. Tuesday, August 07, Someone just called me and stated that this business had a lawsuit against me for check fraud and that I owed them money and I was going to be arrested.

He stated that I was going to be arrested. I asked him because he was foreign speaking what the name of the company called again and he said cash advance usa. He had all my infomation.. He also told me that they would contact my job and let them know about the lawsuit. What do I do? Wednesday, May 09, I have been contacted by all of the same people listed in these reports plus some new names Like James Delano. Some say they are Officers Officer Ricky Jones some say attorneys. They have threaten to have me and my husband arrested so i contacted my local police department and was told these people were full of pooh.

I also have contacted my brother who works with the FOP in the next town and they have had alot of similiar reports. I gave them all the numbers they have called me from and they are working on getting these people.

It seems they dont know its illeagal to impersonate an officer What got me was they always call from different numbers and it has even came up on my phone as Emergency!!! We closed our accounts and have reopened new accounts just to be safe and we talked to the bank so that they are aware of the scam and we also told them about this site and the information we found on here.

We have NEVER done any kind of pay day advance or loan so we knew we were right but some people are not so lucky and have fallen victim to this. I hope they are caught and go to jail themselves. Very scary that they had all that info about us. Good luck everyone and please dont fall for this scam. When I called them out on it they cursed me up one side and down the other but best believe they got an earfull inreturn Saturday, April 28, I called him back and told him I checked my account before I called him back and I told him he was just trying to get money out of me and that I would get a law suit against him and his company for harrasment and not to call me anymore.

He said he would not call and he hope I would not get arrested. I looked them up and found this sight. Thank God For this information. I wish we could get these people arrested. Friday, April 13, This guy stated the same information as the person listed above.

Friday, March 16, I was just contact by "Attorney Damon Marshall" He originally left a voice mail on my cell advising that I have criminal charges that were filed against me and the Police would be arriving to my home within the hour to arrest me. I called him immediately " I inquired about the amount. He told me that he does not work for the collection agency and he does not know how much. I said well how much does it say I owe. This man had so much of my information that it was a very scary situation.

He told me that he would place me on hold to see if the court would settle. I was reading aloud and I dont think he was on the other line but he heard me and became very defensive.

Marshall called me soooo many derogatory name and I could not believe it. Then he hung up in my face. Everyone please beware that this is a complete scam!!!! I called him immediately, He advised that I took out a payday loan. Monday, March 12, A man with an Indian accent left me a message I could not understand but a few words, one of which being lawyer. Stated the same previously stated, that they had tried to pull money via an electronic check and that instead of trying to fight for the money, they closed the account and filed it as a loss.

I had not been and had gotten no other notices about this. In my pure panic I didn't ask all the questions I should have the first time around. I got on the phone and started calling courthouses here in Colorado Springs to try and find out when the court date was.

Come to find there were no court dates. Was taking the court date seriously because I had missed a court date here for a traffic case and they arrested me and I spent the say in jail.

Not a fun day. I started to ask the questions I should have asked the first time around. I looked back through my papers and that was not the company I had gone through.

So then I asked, ok, do you have a case number and a court date? He said, yes, you are to appear in court today at 5: I said, wow, ok, where at. He replied San Francisco court. I was like, ok, how does this make sense, you said that the case has been filed in my local state, and I've received no communications about this prior to today and you're telling me you don't have a case number and that I have to appear in San Francisco today.

He made some smug remarks and then it got quiet They didn't tell me any information that was personal, account numbers, social or anything like that, but I am still all the same very concerned. The number they called on was Anyway, hopefully others don't fall prey to these guys.

Friday, February 24, February 24, I am working on my college assignment, when I take a break and check my cell phone. I received not one but three calls from PCS a collection agency and they left one message urging me to contact a Thomas Williams about an overdue payday advance.

I returned his call many times to try to explain that I never received a payday advance loan of any sort. He first claimed it was done in May of and again in August of He had my social security number, my name and cell number, and my girlfriend's name.

I checked with greendot and verified the information. Adam would not give me the number to Cash Advance Usa, he told me to go online to www. I came up with a blank page. I did a google search and found under the search I called Adam back and told him that I knew it was a scam he was involved in and that if I received further calls about this matter I would be forced to contact the authorities.

I hope no one else will have to deal with this like I have and the many others before me have. Thursday, December 15, I received the same type of call this morning then coming here and reading this I feel much much better, They scare the bageebers out of me!

But anyway I have the guys number that called me it is His name is austin and he is Indian or Pakistani couldn't really tell. But, he sounded so official and he had all my info. SS Work Where I live. He even had a case number for me. So, I was thinking we should all start calling them relentlessly morning noon and night. Thursday, December 08, The next time 1 of these camel riders call any of you trying to scam you.

Tell them you just put a hex on them they have a strong belief in this. They will be from India, Nigeria, etc. Just tell your job if they call your job that you no longer work there. NEVER talk to this trash, ok? Wednesday, December 07, Today I had the same thing happen to me. I got a message that I need to call this number and it was very time sensitive. I call the number and the first thing the guy says in an arabic accent "Is do you have an attorney?

He tells me I will be arrested tomorrow at work because I have an arrest warrant for not paying back 4 payday loans. I live in Texas and he said I will be taken to California to be sued. He then wanted me to stay on the phone with him and go buy prepaid VISA cards to make the payment, no other means of payment was acceptable.

I convinced him that I need to get off the phone and go to the store because I was on a land line. I checked all the phone numbers provided by this person and all come back no name attached to the number.

At this point I realize this is a scam. I don't call him back so he calls my work and starts yelling at me for not calling him back. That was the end of that call he immediately hung up.

I am still receiving calls from numbers I don't but won't answer them. Tuesday, November 29, I had the same thing happen to me today. The man continued to call me 7 times after i told him i would contact the police for harassment. They then attacked my boyfriend when he answered the phone. These people have been calling over and over all day long almost every other day.

Sometimes will even leave a message. He then tried to get me to give out my social security number when i told him that if he could prove i took out the loan he should have my social and then he kept trying to get me to fall for it. I know for a fact that i do not and never have had a loan with this company.

Do not fall for anything they say its all lies and they just want your money!!! Someone needs to stop this! Monday, November 14, Someone called my job and told them that there was a legal matter that could result in me losing my job.

In order to prevent legal action, I would have to get a green dot pre-paid card and fax them an apology letter and promise to pay. I actually got scared and tried to make a payment but got suspicious when they couldnt give me an account number or reference number.

When I began to question them, they got very nasty and told me that they would send me a subpena and send it to my job to try to scare me into paying. I was able to make sure that they didnt get any payment. They contacted me today. While on the phone I got online to check my acct. I had checked into some, but never followed thru. When I told him that he said in his accent that he would have to call me back.

I said I would stay on the line. He said he was going to lunch and that he would call me later. I then said I wanted to speak to his manager. He stated he did not have one, I said so you answer to know one?? I asked for the phone number and proof in writing for this supposed loan.

He said since it was done online, it was not needed. The indian man did have all information but you would need to get through another person then Robert Jones he just works in there aministrative department and doesn't have the company's infor.

This is a company that is out off San Diego but outsourced to India its cheaper for them. Mean while in america millions are without jobs and people are getting more laid off then everyone else. The Indians also provided fax and telephone but because its on west coast you can't get through till later on in the afternoon when they are just getting in in the morning. I recieved a call today just before 6pm from a number that stated on my caller ID "Emergency" when I answered it thinking it was for someone in my own house it was the Indian people again calling me for an account that I took care of in May, when I spoke to the gentleman he stated his name was Scott and that where will I be on Monday because I will be arrested and prosecuted for not paying this advance that I owed.

I have explained to him over and over and he still wouldn't listen to me that the account was still outstanding. Don't be fooled I am going to my bank and will open a fraud investigation and then we will see who they are.

Hopefully will get my money back, since I do know that if the state is going to prosecute they will send a summons to the home through Sheriff but never in the way that they where informing would happen.

I received this same phone call.. When i told him i was completely aware that his practice was a scam and that the number he was calling me from was listed as a divorce attorney in Virgnina Beach, he told me to just wait to be served.

This guy sounded like an american, the first call had a very thick accent. Also if a guy name Mark calles with the same accent his number is What a bunch of crooks.

He would not give me any information, instead he claimed he couldn't pull up my file because his computer was overloaded at the time. I said to him that I wouldn't give him any information because he couldn't even tell me where the loan was from.

That's when I felt like something shady was going on. I told him maybe I'd have information the next day and that is when an Indian lady called my work place. So someone just called and I told them to stop calling my house and job or i'm going to get my lawyer involved because the company is fraudulent and then I hung up. Their advanced telephony system immediately called me back showing a different number of course.

The unprofessional woman told me "what did I say she didn't hear me. She then threatened me telling me my social security number will be invalid and driver's license would be suspended LOL.. I replied with "Yeah ok! The same type of calls have been coming in for months and I have continued to call them on it and telling them that these are SCAMS, but they are relentless. They have also been calling my work and harassing me. Unfortunately, being at work I can not ignore phone calls that come in to my desk.

But when I hear that it is them on the other line, I just hang up on them. They refuse to send any information when you ask for it and are very rude. At this point, let them send a sheriff to my work and or my home with legal documentation, then I will deal with them on a legal standpoint.

I am retired cop so know of these scams. But played along to see what they had to say. Caller said I owed Cash. When I told him I didn't he said then that someone must have stole my ID and got money from them.

That the money had been deposited into my acount back in July, now it is Sept. I knew then that it was indeed a scam as I check my bank account each day and know no such deposit had been made.

When I refused to go along with him he got much more aggressive stating that I would not be getting anymore Soc. That I should immediately get an attorney as his company was going to sue me. In addition he has my SS and knows the bank I bank at. How he got this information I don't know. He called on my cell phone and the caller ID said the he called from was: Why it would come up like that I have no idea.

He called three time and each was the same. I will be more prepared the next time he calls, if he does. I have been getting harrassed by this fake company, for about 2 years. Now they have English speaking ppl that sound like they might be American callling me. I have been really stressed out with this because they are calling my job non stop and its really stressing me out.

Its not just one call its several with in mintues in one day. I hope this will come to an end, I am really afaid of losing my job because of these ppl.

They call all the time saying I will be picked up in the morning and taken to court and I just tell them to send someone here I've recieved these kinda phone calls before but they have always had just the last 4 of my ss never the full ss which these people had so that does worries me. I got a call last night, the man's name is Kenny Spencer, he's from Cashnet's legal department, but when I called Cashnet USA they told me they would never have someone contact me like that.

The number on the caller id came in as , the call back number they left for me was , I've gotten calls like this before, and filed a complaint with the FTC, and when the joker called me to extort money from me I told him I reported him to the FTC and he said, ok, this is a scam, we are scamming people out of money, don't call this number anymore.

If you ever took out a payday loan, one of those companies sold your information to these extortionists and they will continue to contact you, with different names, numbers and such, just stay one step ahead of them. If they cannot provide proof of debt, which they can't, they have no leg to stand on per the FTC. These people are sharks and don't care about you or your credit or your sanity. I noticed that some of these posts were done back in I received a call while at work today from a man with a heavy middle eastern accent he said that I was being charged with Cyber-Fraud.

I asked him what this was about he kept repeating that his boss was at lunch and that he would call me back when he returned in about 20min. Little did the idiot know that there is such a thing as caller ID now. I waited approx 20 min and dialed the back the supervisor's name was Mr. He claimed that I owed money to CashNet from along time ago.

He had my employer's name, my address and two references, as well as my banks name. I told him that I did not owe cashnet anything and had never done any business with them. He started screaming that the money had been deposited into my account a long time ago and that I had not paid it back.

First he claimed that I had to be in court tomorrow. I said where, CA? I am on the east coast. Then he said that I would be arrested on Monday by "the law". I asked him for the amount that was allegedly deposited into my account as well as the date. I called the number back again and with the sweetest and most professional of voices I said, "now why would you curse me and hang up on me, I have been nothing but nice to you". He says, "don't call this number anymore!

If you call again I will have more charges on you. You will be charged with harassment! He lost it, cursed some more and hung up. I have a nice cup of coffee, now I am going to file a complaint with as many agencies as possible and wait for more calls. Good luck guys, don't take this crap lying down. It's just another form of terrorism! This is America and we should do our part to protect Her all around! This also just happen to my wife. The phone number Is His exact words were.

The cops will pull you out of your house In front of your family like a dog and drag you to jail. We are also doing everything we can to help stop this. And then he asked me this is what scares me if I was S First how did he get that information?

And second if he has the last four digits does he have the first five? And I asked him where the money was deposited? He proceeded to tell me it was deposited in a Wachovia acct and he gave me a acct number. Well I never took a payday loan nor have I ever had a bank acct.

But I still decided to investigate in the case of identity theft. So I called Wachovia which is now Wells Fargo here in Arizona, where I am and they checked and put my mind at ease a little. So they told me not to worry cause they have no record of any acct. Whew I was worried someone stole my identity. But then I thought maybe someone took out a Payday loan under my name.

And they was very nice and polite. But when I informed them what had happened they told me they would help me any way they could. In regards to finding out if a payday loan was taken out in my name After a short conversation and a bit of info from me he tells me no payday loan in my name or with my social security number has ever been taken out with their company!!! Thank heavens I not a victim of identity theft.