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Can you buy a Visa gift card using a credit card at Walmart? If writing a check 40 max, if using card or debit While you're doing your shopping in Walmart, cash your check here as well. I've seen people post about getting real money with Walmart gift cards but never actually paid attention to it. I'm not quite sure what you meant when you brought up gas. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.

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Just use Walmart MoneyCard to make all your purchases at Walmart. When you do you will earn Cash-Back Rewards of three percent (3%) on qualifying purchases made at using your Card or your Card number, two percent (2%) at Murphy USA and Walmart fuel stations, and one percent (1%) on qualifying purchases at Walmart stores in the United States (less returns and credits) posted to your . One of the interesting features of Walmart cards is that you are allowed to take a cash advance at their check out counter. For the "Discover Card" version, you can take a cash advance of $ For this card (store card version), you can take a cash advance of $60 (in $20 increments). Aug 21,  · Best Answer: NO, you can not take money out of any gift card. You can only buy merchandise or groceries. And if you take back the merchandise you bought. the store will give you another gift card for the amount that you Resolved.

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Save yourself a trip to the bank with in-store check cashing at Walmart

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