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Inafter evaluating the QAL program, it was clear that the increased costs of food, gas, car repairs, and travel were driving up the demand for the amount of financial assistance needed to meet basic living and unforeseen, urgent expenses. For financial wellness, budgets are an essential tool. Facing a bright future — because of donors like you. Civilian leaders spend a day with the Corps July 22, To learn more, visit www.

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The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provides emergency financial assistance via Quick Assist Loans (QALs) to qualifying cft-group.tk Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Updates Quick Assist Loan Program Arlington, VA, Monday, January 29, – After 10 years, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) has provided more than $ million in financial assistance to active duty Sailors and Marines through their Quick Assist Loan (QAL) cft-group.tk  · NMCRS (February ) visit us online at cft-group.tk Quick Assist Loan Application for Active Duty Sailors and Marines Active Duty ID and most recent LES are required to apply for this interest-free cft-group.tk://cft-group.tk cft-group.tk

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The Yokosuka office is upping its staffing in preparation for the influx of QAL clients, she said. The program's popularity was proven in a pilot run last spring where loan traffic leapt over 75 percent in eight test locations. NMCRS is funded through contributions, loan repayment, thrift shop operations and interest from the group's investment portfolio.

The group provides combat casualty assistance and education support through the dollars earned on investments, but its principal mission provides no-interest loans and financial counseling to servicemembers in a pinch. But business is expected to boom with the start of QAL overseas - even though predatory lending overseas is not the problem it is stateside, Bowen said.

Lenders target the military community due to their "guaranteed paychecks," and will contact the servicemember's chain of command as an added pressure, Bowen said. Servicemembers can lose their security clearance, or worse, their jobs due to debt.

The Military Lending Act, which went into effect Oct. But lenders have already found loopholes, like using a third party to set up an allotment, Bowen said. Fill out the QAL form. Speed up service by bringing in a completed form. It's online at www. The information is entered into the system.

Quick Loans for Troops in a Pinch. The QAL is paid back by an allotment set up when applying for the loan, and service members have up to 12 months to repay the amount. Service members may have two QALs in a month period, but the prior one must already be paid in full. If eligible, all individuals need to do is bring a copy of their most recent Leave and Earnings Statement and active duty ID card.

There is a short application that can be filled out online and brought in. This helps to speed up the process. Margy Pracchia, Marine and Family Services Yuma command financial counselor, provides several reasons for the decrease in payday loans for Yuma area service members. There are other alternatives to payday lenders. NMCRS interviewers sit down with clients and work out a monthly budget according to the information provided by the client.

Budgets are simple, no-nonsense financial plans that are intended to help service members and their families achieve financial stability and security. For financial wellness, budgets are an essential tool. This is a great alternative to high-interest payday loans and everyone gets basic budget information to take with them, Fredericks said. Skip to main content Press Enter. Image 1 of 1.