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David told me that they need to put money into my account and I needed to send it back to them. When I google the number that called me, it says it belongs to Advance America. Everyday they belittle and talk bad about her. This consent is not required to purchase goods or services. I was told that the loan would be deposited that evening.

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 · Need to contact Advance America Cash Advance Corporate Office? We have the phone number, address, email and executive info for their headquarters here. Cash Advance Centers, Inc. also operates locations under the names National Cash Advance, Check Advance, First American Cash Advance, First American Cash Loans, About Us Company Information. Founded in , National Cash Advance ® is one of the nation's leading payday advance companies. We offer a quick, hassle free solution which can be a sensible alternative to credit card late charges or National Cash Advance Corporate Office Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this /national-cash-advance-corporate-office.

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Advance America Cash Advance corporate phone number:

They expect a auto mechanic for minimum wage. Don,'t make your goal 3 months then you will need to find a new employer. I would very much like to talk with someone about doing yard maintenance on several auto parts properties for Advance please , thank you very much.

They won't accept their own gift cards as payment at the website. It doesn't explain this when you are buying the gift cards. Want to rate zero stars. I did not see any where on this website to enter for a survey for gas I only saw to order parts my question to you where is the survey or is it a come on to get people to the web site. I have been shopping advance for over 15 years. I tried returning a starter yesterday afternoon to their location on garden st.

He also didnt even look up my purchase history. I returned to the store after the idiot left i had no issue returning it!! Colton Kidd, 27, was charged with third degree assault and battery, disorderly conduct, malicious mischief and reckless driving in the Sunday morning incident. I have been working at advance for eight months now. I feel very bad for this one employee I work with.

Everyday they belittle and talk bad about her. They have talked so bad about her to customer's that she is now getting harrassed by them. She is a good worker and couldn't handle the stress so she gave her notice.

They have been pushing the good workers away. I am not going to stay working in this environment much longer. Its a negative place to work and they put certain employees down way to much. They still haven't posted the other post I wrote Too much truth, but I bet this one makes it up! I work for advance auto parts I work and live in Houston and I'm forced to take lunch after four hours but there's. I was an employee at Advance America from May until March as an employee with this company the DDO that we had was very nice for the first few months after getting to know the company a little bit more all of that went down hill.

I recently got a new manager and while speaking to this manager I was told that the DDO said that she promoted her to this position because we both were BLACK and hoped that we would work together. Not a nice thing to say. Shockingly while working for advance America I was consistently badgered about my customer services skills and every little thing that I had done.

While going into work today I had this particular DDO stand in my face and taunt me to make her move off of camera then fire me because I told her how I felt. Jackson Tn Office very poor customer service.

Hi my name is cindy erroa ive been a loyal customer with you guys for almost a year paying on time each pay week and i dont understand how i cant get any offers such as a increase of a loan i make about a month i have invited other friends and family to make loans an im just trying to get a installment loan.

Speedy Cash Corporate Office. Do you have an office in Nigeria and if yes where? She was no more professional than them Reply. Please and thanks in advance, Cyrenthia Thompson Reply.

Similar thing happened to me Reply.