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A few simple steps can make a world of difference in the type of loan terms you receive, so pay careful attention so you can minimize your monthly payment. Before you start car shopping, access a free copy of your credit report and review it for accuracy. This document has a huge impact on your ability to borrow money for a vehicle; after all, the information listed contributes directly to your credit score.

Even if everything is accurate, you need to know exactly what information the car salesman or lender is looking at when reviewing your financing application. Even if you are dealing with a reputable lender, understanding your credit report can help you explain past negative items, like late payments due to temporary unemployment. You need to look at this from two different perspectives: The two are related, but you should come to each amount separately. Find your target monthly budget by playing around with some auto loan calculators and inputting different interest rates and price points.

When you have bad credit, you may not be able to change your interest rate, but you can negotiate the purchase price of the vehicle. First, try shopping at the end of the month when the sales team is trying to hit target numbers. Also, try to go during off hours, like on a weekday morning. When there are less potential buyers milling about the showroom, the sales staff is much more likely to make an effort to seal the deal with you. You can also shop around several dealerships to compare prices and use competitors as leverage for a better deal.

That involves using all sorts of psychological tricks to get to the number they want. And that can quickly derail your plans to stay on budget for your monthly car payment. Avoid this scenario altogether by adopting a strict no-upgrade policy before you enter the dealership.

Whether you get a car loan through a bad credit lender or straight from the dealership financing department, make sure you read all of the details before signing anything.

First, double check that all of the information is accurate, including the sales price, interest rate, applicable fees, and even the make and model of the car. Get everything finalized and confirmed before you take the car off the lot. When you do finalize the terms and conditions of your auto loan, commit to being a responsible borrower.

All it takes is an on-time payment each and every month. Of course, late payments will hurt your credit score, in addition to accruing you expensive fees. But as long as you stay on top of your payments you can really benefit from an improved score.

In fact, you may even decide to refinance your car loan for a better interest rate. That said, major branded dealerships will generally have higher credit requirements for their loans, as will major banks. Online lenders may offer better rates and be more willing to work with people with bad credit, as will some credit unions, so research your options.

If your current auto loan has a high interest rate that is making it difficult to keep up with the payments, you may have the option to refinance your loan. Refinancing a loan is similar to transferring a credit card balance; you take out a new loan — ideally with a lower interest rate — to pay off the balance of your old loan. Lowering your interest rate lowers your monthly payments and can make your loan more affordable.

Refinancing does not reduce your total debt, though you can potentially save more in the long run. Refinancing is ideal for people who have been rebuilding or establishing their credit and can now qualify for a loan with a better interest rate.

However, you can still benefit from refinancing even with a poor credit score, especially if your current loan has a particularly high interest rate. Compare the rates of available offers to your current loan to determine if refinancing is an option.

Many of the lenders listed above may be able to help you with a refinancing loan. For those with poor credit, getting an auto loan can be a difficult enough process without having to wait and worry about approval for hours or days. Depending on your lender, though, that could very well be the case; without a good-sized down payment and a shiny credit score, auto loans can take two days or more to process.

Try finding a lender that specializes in subprime auto loans to ensure you get through the process quickly. Regardless of your credit situation, you should never blindly accept the first loan you are offered.

Take advantage of other nearby dealerships or banks — and the wide variety of online lenders — to get a better idea of your options.

Make sure to check out the length of the loan, as well; auto loans can be six or seven years long these days, and the longer you are making payments on your new purchase, the more it will end up costing. Even if your credit history is bumpier than a dirt road, you may be able to qualify for a quality loan with the right lender.

Proper research and comparison shopping can really simplify the process of getting an auto loan, getting you behind the wheel of your new or new ish car without all the hassle. Great efforts are made to maintain reliable data on all offers presented. Our site maintains strict terms of service and may accept compensation for paid ads or sponsored placements in accordance with these terms. Users must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for financial offers as per the terms presented on provider websites.

However, credit score alone does not guarantee or imply approval for any financial product.