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I've had only 3 calls back and I missed each one. I have worked really hard to recover from those tough times. Please see the back of your card for its issuing bank. If you know for sure that you didn't get a loan ever, don't even bother verifying anything with these fools Superior service "The attention to detail is outstanding.

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I did this and after seeing the hundreds of all I can say is it made me very angry that my God how can there be so many like kind issues going on with this company and the attorney general or any authority hasn't investigated or even Bancorp Bank which my card is through??? I have already made changes and these people may get from me hell I don't know now from what I seen I could be months getting my money back or access to the funds down to possibly never seeing it again.

For the amount I'm possibly facing to lose I promise if I do not get back every dime they at this corrupt agency will be exposed. I don't care I have to do so. My funds are both government disability pmts so I have ladders over the bs arbitration smoke screen these crooked people are hiding behind.

I applied for this card to be able to get direct deposit of income tax refund. I did MY son's taxes had them deposited. They froze the account. I've been trying to reach someone but nothing. They have our money on that card. The website won't let you do anything, when you call the number all it is a recording, no live person to talk to. I really need help because I need our money off that dreadful card. I misplaced my wallet and thought my AccountNow Gold card was in the wallet They tell me the card is blocked and that I needed to fax or mail a photo id, signed social security card and proof of address Since I could not find my wallet my id and very stupidly my social security card was in the wallet.

My paycheck had just been direct deposited the same day this happened. My entire check was on this card. I had bills to pay and my rent due also. The date was May 4, I found my card within 15 minutes of calling and asked to have it unlocked so I could get my money off, no way would they budge, I spoke to two supervisors and two different customer service reps who just read over and over from the same script.

I tried to put it where I hoped they would understand what if this happened to you, what if you had your entire paycheck locked up on a card and you could not get access to your money, I was told, "I am sorry but this is AccountNow Gold and we have to have proof of who you are. I totally broke down, I have already received another paycheck and next week I will get another paycheck and now I still do not have my paycheck unlocked a month and 6 days later and I am still waiting for this.

Today Saturday which is day no. I know that when I call Monday they will say I still need something I just know they will do this.

This company is the worst company to deal with. Their call center is in another country and you cannot understand what they are saying and they cannot understand what you are saying either. It is very frustrating to even talk to them. I fully agree that they need to be shut down, or their rules need to change. They are using the money to gather interest and they use the cheapest labor to answer the phone lines.

How can they possibly hold your money for so long and this is legal? They have to release your money. It is yours but yet here they are holding and holding my money. I am going to report them to the attorney general and also the BBB Monday. If a card was lost what were the different things I could do because I had an old card of theirs wanted to know if I could use that card instead.

Next thing I know I was told my card was being canceled, without my consent. Two weeks later was suppose to get another card but for some reason it never received it. I was told I have to wait another 2 weeks. My checks were coming on the card and it was nothing they could do to get my money off. I had to pay rent and got behind, I struggled to get to work because I was told there's nothing they could do to help me. I spoke with all supervisors!

I called everyday explaining I cannot wait. I needed to pay rent. Then there was a solution where it would be express delivery, but I had to answer security questions that I didn't remember because it was so long ago when I did them. I explained to them even though I'm giving you guys personal information such as my social, date of birth, email address, there is nothing you guys can do.

I had to send a copy of my social, drivers license and proof of resident. I finally got to send them the information and they told me it may take to 5 to 7 days just to review a fax I sent off my information they asked for! I finally received my card a month later. I believe this is a fraud service. I will not ever use them again. I did a cash reload at a register and my money never posted to my card so I attempted to call the company and after multiple attempts of getting an explanation they requested that I fax or send the receipt so I did.

I was told within 24 hours the money would be back on the card and since then it's gone on to be at least 10 days with nothing and they don't do anything about it.

Their customer service is insanely crappy. They literally just stole my money for no reason and have no accountability for it and unless I want to sue them there's nothing I can do. It would cost more money to sue them and it would be hard to even have them served so they can continue to rip people off and get away with it. I suggest you protect yourself and don't mess with this company at all. Now we are having trouble getting the money back when AccountNow should have rejected it.

They give you the runaround. You have to contact AccountNow. Then sometimes they freeze your card then you end up get declined for your purchase and they charge you a decline fee when you have money.

This place is the most illegal organization out there for prepaid cards. It was proven that the funds were not disbursed due to the ATM machine malfunctioning and AccountNow still refuses to put the money back on there. Do not get a card with these people!!! I've been a customer for 3 months now with my paychecks automatically deposited biweekly.

I formerly used Netspend, but was tired of their fees. With Netspend I got my paycheck like clockwork on Mondays, at the exact time for two years. I asked the non English speaking customer service people why this is, and was told "you won't always get your direct deposit at the same time". I can barely understand their non English speaking employees, and if you ask to speak to another it's the same thing.

So next issue I had was only being able to take a day out of account. Ok now I'm really pissed. They've taken more than that in fees!! But the customer service say I am. I've been put on hold endlessly, transferred, hung up on, referred to another department and flat out lied to. Always remember this for future reference. If the company can't employ American workers that speak our language, what makes you think they care about your money once they get ahold of it??

Save yourself the turmoil and get a real prepaid card from a real American company that deals with real money and real people. I had a AccountNow Debit card for about 6 months, when I had two unauthorized charges put on my account, after calling and disputing the charges, I contacted the companies that charge me and found that I was NEVER associated with the authorized charges.

And the worst part, check this out My advice to Green Dot Corporation, drop this subsidiary Debit Card from your association and treat your customers the way they deserve. They will steal your money and run, then mail you a check 3 months later. Time after time this bank has giving me numerous of problems. They cancel cards without telling you. My online bank statement is never accurate. My card was stolen and all they could tell me was wait 7 days for a new one.

So plane tickets and hotel deposit is down the drain. Do not use this company!! I have been a customer with "Account Now" Prepaid debit card for over ten years, who banks with MetaBank and Bancorp out in California. I have no contact info for the headquarter in San Ramon CA. I have over 2. I get direct deposit from my employer to this prepay card.

Without any phone calls or any notification. They have locked me out. I have no access to my hard earned money. They told me I got restricted because of a refund from Philippine Airlines. I have jumped through their hoops to open the account several times.

They requested picture of my mailing address, a photo ID and the receipt from the airlines. I am considering legal action. This company customer service is terrible. They locked my account. Easy to work with "I've used MoneyKey several times over the past 4 years. I found it easy to work with them. Wonderful "MoneyKey is wonderful to work with! If I had a question it was always answered correctly and promptly. You can rely on MoneyKey to protect your information in accordance with industry standards.

We have adopted secure socket layer SSL encryption and Verified Site Certificates to protect your personal information as it flows between your computer and our servers. Once your information is stored within our database, we have the necessary physical and logical security measures in place to keep your data secure. We are all about simplification and convenience; we aim to remove the complexity that people often experience when trying to borrow money. I asked her for her 'Professional Business License " which they have to provide per FCC, if asked for she said she didn't know what that was, but that I needed to pay or I would be garnished.

I then told her that the number she was calling from or on was listed as a Scam, she laughed and said I was funny and she hung up. When I tried to call back, it went to a voicemail and I tried several times. All have a File on Debt Mediation and those phone numbers. You won't get any more calls from them.

The account they claimed it was deposited into was closed. They claim they found out when they tried to withdraw the money out of the account. They had my most recent work history, an old address and my social security number, which I immediately reported to a REAL identity fraud agency. They claimed that I would only have an hour to respond or they will take "legal action".

I had a loan, paid it off through one of their collection agencies a year ago and I have documentation it was paid. A year later still getting letters and calls. I just checked my bank account and a deduction was made for the credit report. I was contacted for a loan in a laughable amount. My loan is for medical expenses. I'm getting threats over the phone that they are taking me to court for August 4, loan that I paid in full.

I received a grammatically incorrect threatening email in which I was referred to as the Prime Suspect from someone posing as law enforcement on behalf of Cash tree who I've never heard of. The "officer" spelled his own name differently twice in the same email. They claimed I've been avoiding them but what I found strange is that they had my address but never sent any mail to my house, no phone calls on my cell or job but you progress to a threat and ask me to reply and call them to make payment arrangements???

As they say I was born at night but not last night. My last interaction with mycashnow was August paid in full which is when Cash tree claims I took a loan from them.. This is a scam! Don't reply or click on any hyperlink they provide and do not agree to any terms. A true lawsuit will be issued with a docket number from a court house. I've alerted my bank and closed out the account they had on file. All credit bureaus should also be alerted! Their hope is that you'll be afraid to report them or call them to settle agreeing to things you didn't do and inadvertently providing additional information to them.

I hope this helps a fellow victim of this terrible scam!! I believe in Karma.. Took out loans with this company and the finance charges were more than they advised. Paid triple what I had borrowed. I borrowed funds from the Cash Cow group in They were paid on time with interest as promised. I paid off the first claim to make it go away in Cheaper than getting an attorney. That is the catch. Now this month I was suppose to have borrowed again in Another claim I didn't pay.

This has to quit. I am tired and disgusted at this type of "residual income" made by the company. I too have received numerous calls from someone who claims to be a lawyer. They say I owe them money for a payday loan. When asked for documentation about this loan, they refused.

I checked my bank account for anything during the time that they say I got this loan, but I have nothing in the statement to back up their claim. I have contacted my State Attorney General about this harassment. They don't stop the calls, at home or at work!

I hope someone can do something about these people. It's terrible to have to deal with rude people who call to tell you that you're going to jail.

I got a call from a Ms. She stated that she had all my information - even the address of the computer used to apply. I'll just wait to see, this people are thieves. I hope God forgives them. I have been contacted by three separate companies beginning in January in regards to money I "owe" to MyCashNow for a payday loan obtained in May At this point I feel foolish that I fell for their story but allow me to defend my actions a little.

They called me at my office repeatedly until I answered. They were very demanding and rude. At the time I had my Sr. Leadership Team sitting at my conference table. Scared to death and certain of humiliation I stepped out of my office. At that time they told me they were sending out law enforcement to serve me lawsuit documents if debt was not settled immediately. They also referenced the credit union that I have used since high school.

I had used MyCashNow several years back during rougher times but I had always made payments and did not remember defaulting on a loan. To be honest, May of was a very stressful time I ended up unemployed mid-month and was also dealing with the terminal illness of a family member.

I was stressed and depressed!! That year is a blur. Is it possible I really owed? I do not know why I did not push harder for answers. I just paid it and moved on. Can I get that money back if fraudulent? Is there a way to investigate further? Then beginning in February I started getting calls from another firm with the same story.

They were attempting to collect a debt on behalf of MyCash Now which was no longer in business. Can you even collect on behalf of a company that no longer exists? I tried to tell them that I had settled the debt and even emailed receipts but was told that I must have had "multiple accounts" and that I legitimately owed more money for these old advances. When I asked for dates and amounts which would have supported the loan I seemed to always get the run around.

I pulled by bank records for The amounts and dates obtained did not match up with my bank records. I am not sure how to fight further I have worked really hard to recover from those tough times. I disputed the claims. Transunion notified me that they claim was legit.

If it is then who did I pay back in January? If it is owed then why can I not get some sort of formal notification stating the date and original amount deposited? At this point I do not trust anyone and am not sure how to resolve. Another agency called me this morning which is what sparked writing this review. I am astonished at how many people have identical stories. I performed a reverse look-up on the number which called this morning and it did not tie to a business name and came up in a residential part of Ft.

If anyone call help or offer advice on how to resolve I appreciate it. The agent claimed I took out a pay day loan for this company in November Later in the conversation, she claimed she was an attorney.

She ended up hanging up on me. The second person was also extremely rude and hung up on me. I asked for documentation and it refused. It had my personal information but I did not borrow money in November I intend to report them to my Attorney General. I recently was contacted by an agency saying they were collecting a debt for My Cash Now and if I did not pay I was going to jail.

She knew my social and my boyfriend's name and number. She was very mean and called us bums. We are both out of work right now. She said I was too poor to have a lawyer. When I called back to ask for a document to be mailed to me, she said no.