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June 16, Very bad experience! I set up auto pay for the 28th of every month as stated on my contract. I gave my car up because I couldn't afford the payments and the guy I spoke with said "if the car sells for less, you still owe the difference". Next month I'm late on the payment again but planned to pay it when I get my tax check which they weren't having. They don't even want to help you pay it off by lowering the payments, lowering the interest, etc. Well my bank took the money back and they froze my account not letting me make any payments online any more. The rep gave me the contact person to speak with and they checked everything that I needed.

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Dont know what to do. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. As most review I was stress, having severe anxiety, trapped in a very hard financial spot due to a unexpected illness with my child. We took out a dollar loan. Have paid a total of We are currently sitting at 60 day LoanMart has called roughly 10 to 20 times a day. I currently hold 2 full time jobs and a part time job paying for medical, food, hospital, rent, bills, I have made payment arrangement which yes I was unable to keep due to having to place payments to doctors to pay for surgery, chemo, prescription, counseling.

I have ask for compassion and empathy on this issue and promising them to be caught up within a month and a half, due to health insurance and 2 full time paycheck finally coming in. I receive this response copied from the threatening text received from LoanMart! You must either cover the payment or provide the location of the Ford today before 3pm, I gave you till the 6th to cover the payment but you never made the payment, so you did break your promise to cover the payment.

The repossession order open and my agent spotted the car already, it will be cheaper for you if you surrender the car. I can't stop any further escalation on your file anymore, The SUV has been placed on camera system, please let me know if you will be able to cover the payment by 3pm or surrendering the SUV.

I explained that this is the only transportation we have and if repo it be very detrimental and a major setback in recovery and the added stress of a child who already has a fight that no one can ever imagine. Paid back over dollar. Unable to get a payoff amount anytime we call we are told to make a payment and they will tell us my wife spend every waking hour with our son and doctors and sleeps when possible.

I would do anything to turn back time and slap the crap out of myself for taking this loan out!!! When I looked at my contract it says Something is not right. The end date of the loan already passed and still owe that much. Now seeking legal advice and bringing my story to the news stations. They don't even want to help you pay it off by lowering the payments, lowering the interest, etc.

Department of Business Oversight. Last year we fell behind financially. How is this possible? I am due with baby 4 in Sept and this is our only vehicle. I am high risk. My husband doesn't make enough money to pay my car loan. I am beyond stressed with this loan and I will never recommend anyone doing so. It is a hole you will never get out of.

To begin I knew this title loan company was terrible and completely predatory in design at its bare minimum, but they simply provided me the largest amount against my car. I laughed at how outrageously crooked this company preys on financially desperate individuals. I succeeded in making the money I needed, and promptly went ahead and ruined myself. Couldn't make payments for two months as a result. They'll give you plenty of warning that they'll take your car which they will do.

So I went ahead and attempted to be proactive and sell the car myself which would've been successful had they not taken the car so fast. Take the time to let that one marinate. Needless to say I shredded that letter. Here's where it gets fun. Months later I acquire a new job after purchasing another car that simply runs. I then decide to pay down all debts in a timely manner. I call LoanMart to see where my balance is at. Spoke with someone named Jesse, a pretentious individual to say the least.

The settlement sounded manageable for my current situation. Saving readers some time here. Essentially attempting to strong arm me into paying the very amount I expressed interest in paying in the first place! After clearly and concisely explaining to him that he was attempting to be "a few choice words" I decided to have him email the documents and promptly hung up on him.

Within two minutes I called again to speak with another, hopefully more respectable predator. Anyway, I get through to a guy named Charles who puts me on a 5 minute hold after reviewing my information I assume he may have seen notes from my previous call and then I'm now speaking with a man named Diego.

I immediately explain that I did not request to be transferred and will only speak with Charles. Diego may have been the Manager more than likely. Charles comes back on the line noticeably more shaky in his voice asking how he could help me.

As he gathers his short memory he explains a settlement offer is available. That wasn't even an issue, my issue now was how they were so quick to jump on the decreased amount after only a second phone call.

At this point I figured it would be best to consult a lawyer to see if I should even pay them at all. I'm not going to cry and complain as to how bad this title loan company is, or how badly "some" of the staff members there are downright uncaring and disrespectful to the borrowers, or even how the loan is designed to bring them in a steady stream of hundreds of dollars per month in profit from the truly unfortunate. Nope, there are enough reviews on here that accomplish just that.

I figure I would share my experience, and save some ballsy individual who considers taking on this loan, to just avoid this one. It will work out much better in your favor, believe me. I was in a unique situation and was able to bounce back pretty quick even at great financial loss and the loss of my vehicle. My boyfriend was having some issues a few months ago and it caused a ripple effect in our home. With him not being too well things got tough financially. So of course when you're down and you think it can't get worse it does just to show who's really in control.

That's when my car the only transportation I have for work goes down. Since I only have my boyfriend and a handful of friends getting my car fixed for a good price was out of the picture. Plus not only do I use my car it also the means of transportation for my best friend and her daughter.

Life becomes impossible when this happens. Suddenly everything seems so hard to get done. I lost 2 days of work and my friend lost work and getting her daughter to school was nearly impossible.

I decided to try and get a loan. The only one available to me was thru Loanmart. I had literally just paid off my car. I was not sure I should take the loan but rent was late and I was missing work. With no other options I had to accept it. The first time I tried to pay I found out they don't accept American Express which was the only card I had so I had to get a different card. Then I was doing ok getting by barely and I found myself needing to extend my pay date by a week.

They refused to do this. I called back many times, I kept asking and finally I was able to change it. But they didn't want to and they will not cooperate at all. That is all I end up paying every time. Now I can't pay again on time and I need my car. My bf is sick, my friend still doesn't have her license back. I need a second job but without a car that won't happen.

I can't refinance because the car is too old with too many miles. All my utilities have gone unpaid and are in jeopardy of being shut off. This loan thru Loanmart is the worst idea ever. If they take my car my life will be over and the worst part is I can pay the payment in a week but this company is uncaring and ruining people's lives. I could never work for such money hungry selfish people who are taking advantage of people in desperate times.

I support and all claims about that are negative about this company. I am willing to be part of any lawsuit against them. I got a loan from these guy or crooks whatever you want to call them about 2 months ago. Reason why people get loans is because they are going through difficult times and need money urgent.

After making the first payment a little late than the original due date which was around 15th I talked with them to extend the due date which they did and I appreciate. Next month I'm late on the payment again but planned to pay it when I get my tax check which they weren't having.

Don't remember the person I spoke with but I'm sure he wouldn't care if I was dead, or anything. His only argument was "we need location of vehicle to pick up". Please pay close attention to the contract you're signing with these shark lenders.

They will take full advantage in any way they can. And on top of that if your car gets repo then they sell it at auction. I gave my car up because I couldn't afford the payments and the guy I spoke with said "if the car sells for less, you still owe the difference".

They sell at auction so it's up to them how much they tell the auction to sell it for at least. But if you ask them they beat around the bush. Hopefully these guys learn about FACEBOOK recently having to go into court for questioning and get enough complaints to figure out predatory lending isn't right, and if the complaints pile up someone really gonna give them the runaround. I went through some of the paperwork I signed when getting the loan with these guys and if I were to do this before getting loan I wouldn't even think of getting a loan with them.

When I first contacted LoanMart was because I was already in a financial bind, with that said, I believe people are more vulnerable when they find themselves in a financial situation where they see no alternative and make the worst decisions ever.

LoanMart takes advantage of this. At this point, I see no end in the near future. I have contacted them numerous times to see how I can get this paid off faster, they will not help.

I tell them I have trouble paying this amount monthly. Sometimes I can't pay my rent because of this. But there is no alternative other than paying them the balance due which I can't afford.

I have contacted their customer service numerous times. Once I called when I had trouble paying on time due to 2 unexpected deaths in the family, they didn't care.

I was asking for a week extension and they were very threatening telling me they wanted the payment now! I also made a payment arrangement with one of the reps one time and I kept getting calls after the arrangement was made about my payment due. The rep who claimed was a manager never put the arrangements in the system. I just want this monthly nightmare to be over but I see no end in sight. Desperate times come with very, very bad consequences. Stay away from this company, they will take your money and your vehicle too if you are late for 15 days or so.

This is a big shark loan company, they take advantage in big way through their very high interest, and if you are late in your payment they will take your car away steal it within 15 days or so. They don't care about any situation you have. It is not worth it to lose your vehicle and hard earning money on a company like this, they have NO sense or feelings for you, they are after your money only, they can't even wait for 1 late payment.

When I got sick and behind in my 5th payment for 19 days, they took the car away in the middle of the night without my knowledge. When I'm away on a medical treatment, what a shame!!! If anybody can file a class action suit against this company any time I will join them.

LoanMart is company that takes advantage of consumers with their outrageous interest rates. The account managers do not fully disclose the proper interest being applied to these loans. A loan as low as 3k ends up costing over 15k!!! In the event that you lose your job they have no option in order to save your vehicle.

My elderly aunt has cancer and has been very ill. Her sister in-law convinced her that she needed to get a loan because the sister in-law needed to pay some bills and would help her pay it back.

So my aunt agreed and thought she was doing a good thing. Two months later my aunt had her Surgery while in ICU. Her sister in law told her she was not going to come back and live with them anymore. I have asked LoanMart if they could reduce the interest so she could get it paid off and they say no. She took out the loan, I asked if they knew under distress this was done. They will give it to anyone so basically who cares. She can give up her car or pay it.

I just really hope they can sleep knowing the struggles that they put on people. My van was up for repossession. A tow truck was in the area my van was parked at. They talked to my husband, saying van was up for repo, they need the key, they would be back the next day.

They came on January 11th approximately 4: Now LoanMart is saying it wasn't a tow company they contract, they called, the company denied picking van up, saying they picked up a white van for parts. LoanMart is saying perhaps I'm confused, have another van that I'm getting mixed up with! I fell into a bad health situation and was out of work for a month, Hammered with hospital bills and the regular bills due I reluctantly took out a title loan with LoanMart.

I received 3 different calls before the first bill was due asking me to call LoanMart, It was called a welcome call.

Each time I returned the call as asked. During the process I was treated very rudely by customer service, They already have a poor attitude towards you when you arrive on the other end of the line. My original experience during the loan process was kind and respectful. It did not carry out after the money was received. Whatever comfortable and easy feeling has been completely lost with the way I have been treated since.

Hoping to be done with this situation soon and see a happier situation down the road. A detailed response is sent to you privately on ConsumerAffairs. My husband was laid off from work. We fell back on bills. I decided to look into the account to find out how much money we owe them.

They are setting people up for failure with their ridiculous interest rate and they know it! Their only goal is to make it impossible for people to pay off the loan, they will end up with thousands of dollars of your hard earned money or end up taking your car! In order to assist you and address account information, please have your husband provide a written third party authorization to LoanMart at compliance loanmart.

LoanMart values its customers and considers each feedback an opportunity to assist and serve them more effectively. LoanMart looks forward to hearing from you or your husband soon.

Today I was left in utter shock after speaking with the most nastiest rude unprofessional supervisor at LoanMart.

I had called to make sure I understood the terms of my account because I am past due and I've gotten multiple emails as well as calls from different representatives. Each one of these representative said something different so I wanted to be clear on what I needed to do so I asked to speak to a supervisor that I believe who would have the last say so. Well that didn't go so well this. This man by the name of Rodger was a extremely rude continue.

Continue to cut me off when I was trying to gain clarity on if I didn't get my account up to date what will happen. He became annoyed because I continue to ask questions. He even stated how, "How many more times I have to tell you. I told you three times. He told me that I'm just mad because he knows that I will not be able to make the payment and he's dealt with people like me trying to avoid our obligations.

During the conversation I continue to ask him or let him know that he was being extremely rude and unprofessional. He did not acknowledge what I was saying one bit and continued on as I believe mocking me. He spoke to me with such disrespect I could not believe what I was hearing usually.

At no point was I rude to him or even cursed him out. During the conversation I did let him know that this call was being recorded just to prove that every representative I spoke to told me something different so I do have my records. I did let him know I wasn't stupid. This nasty conversation by him continued on for at least 10 minutes when he finally stayed it if I didn't have to payment and they would go on with the next step and he hung up the phone in my face before I can even respond.

I immediately called back and ask the representative how do I go about filing a complaint. For this man Rodger to be so comfortable at being unprofessional nasty and rude and hanging up in a customer's face I'm sure he's behaved like this before.

So that no one else has to go through this I will be filing a complaint to the BBB on this representative. Just for some clarification not all the representatives behaved like this. This was my first experience through LoanMart. The other representative seem to be very sweet and helpful and professional.

It's so sad that a man like this represents LoanMart and he's a supervisor it's. It's just too bad I didn't get his last name he. He only said his name was Rodger and I'm not sure if that's even the truth. But I was told that the calls are recorded Soso maybe the head person of LoanMart can go back and review the conversation. We had a title loan through LoanMart. We called LoanMart and stated we were going to pay off the title loan.

During the conversation with the LoanMart representative we were informed we had to wire them the total amount due. After we wired the total amount due we were to contact LoanMart with the reference number and they would close out the loan and mail us the title. We never received a paid in full letter. After another week we began receiving calls from a repossession company. Mind you we have yet to receive a payoff letter.

Called LoanMart to find out what was going on and was told they will take care it. After another 2 months went by and not receiving a payoff letter or my title I call them and ask where my title was. I was told "They lost the title and I would have to apply for a lost title from the Secretary of State office at my expense"!!

Stay away from this company.!!! To bad maybe they should be sure they hire reputable employees. They should be glad that they they are not a publicly traded company because then the CEO can be booted out immediately.

I made payments with them for two years when I called for a payoff it was so high we got into an argument. They said they would call me back the next day. I woke up to go to work my car was gone. I called and begged to please have my car bback I had made all my payments the man acted like it could be possible.

It never happened they demanded all of the money or nothing. Its been 3 months and they have taken my car I paid two years and still they are asking for more money. They have since sold my car and never told me the amount. This place is a rip off and someone should stop companies like this. It is sad and I feel sorry for anyone who does buisness with them. I was considering trying to get a Loan with them however after reading all these complaints on this site and the RIP off site.

I will try somewhere else. Thanks for all the post and the information is very helpful for me. They are crooks and worse then loan sharks. They made me sign an Arbitrary agreement which can be refused if a written statement refusing the agreement is FedEx to them within 30 Days. You better believe I am sending that FedEx.

They request that you transfer your car title to them and give them a spare key to the car or else you can't get the loan. I told them I didn't have a spare and they waived that requirement for my loan. They also make you take a picture next to the car for their files.

The loan is paid out by crummy check cashing places that have contracts with them. If you want to cash them at the check cashing location they charge regular fees for cashing checks. You have to allow them to become lienholder of your vehicle with your insurance company and then you have to show your insurance company updated registration info with Loan Mart as the lienholder or you will get dropped from your policy.

Now they claim the loans are totally confidential and they requested 8 personal references. I was embarrassed when my girlfriend called and asked if I gave Loan Mart her number. What Loan Mart did was they called her, asked if she was available and then hung up when they verified her number.

Loan Mart didn't even use a discrete line to verify the references. I was also embarrassed when my insurance agent called and asked if I allow Loan Mart to become lienholder on my policy, which means if I have an accident Loam Mart will receive the my insurance payout. Of course they didn't tell me they were going to do this when I applied for the loan. So you may have asked yourself why I continued the loan process with all these red flags, I'll tell you why, They claimed to have money in my hand 1 hour after I call to apply for the loan, instead they took 3 business days to get me my money and by then I had no other option other then getting evicted.

I immediately paid back what I didn't NEED so i didn't accrue the interest on that amount during the first month. If you apply for a LOAN MART LOAN you have to provide 8 references, complete phone bill, 4 paycheck stubs or 3 months of bank statements for self-employed individuals, a current utility bill, a spare key, your original title and proof of full coverage insurance.

You will not be happy even if you pay-off the loan in the first month. I have a similar complaint as the others listed above. I was in a desperate situation, and had no choice but to get a loan quick. The interest rate they quoted me is not the interest rate they are charging me.

I constantly have to worry if my vehicle is just going to disappear. Even to pay the loan off early is an astronomical amount. They make it nearly impossible to get title of your vehicle back. They are crooks and should be put out of business. Has anyone ever been able to pay them off? If there is someone out there that has, I would like to hear from them. Was thinking about a loan but you guys changed my mind. I am so glad I found you.

I recently had my car picked up by these s! The told me that they were sending someone out to do a condition report which ended up getting a repo company that pretty much took off with my car.

Thank god for good friends!!! Good luck to everyone. I think we all need to sue the secretary of state and Dept of Corporations for not shuting down these clerks!!! They have had enough complaints!! The girl handed him the paper work and camera they told him go take a pictures of the car front, back, sides and vin number. When he came back they took a copy of license and had him sign. When we didnt recd the payment address wrong I knew a payment was coming due I called them to find out when we were 17 days past due date and they treated me like a criminal on the phone even hanging up on me when I asked who they were licensed by.

My son got in a accident in the vehicle I called them to see if they could help modify the loan the insurance did not total the vehicle however there was descrepency in the engine the ins feels the engine problem was not caused by the accident however we know it was The truck was not cutting out and dying and loan until accident but anyway we were late with 2 payments due to no transporation they called our references telling them they investing my son for fraud he in no way committed any fraud.

Truth be told they dont want the truck not working thier collateral and even if we fix body truck wont work we offered to pay them but at a discounted rate. But now after false accusations we are also going to sue them!! Also do your homework last names: It looks like I just dodged a bullet, maybe! Last week I called this company to take out a loan on my car and spent three days faxing paperwork back and forth to secure the loan.

At the final stage, I went to Check n Go the host site in town to sign the contract and it wasn't there. After a twenty minute discussion with the attendant and the secretary for LoanMart, I left and went back to work.

The problem is that I've already signed them as lienholder on my title part of the paperwork , and I wonder how long it will take for me to get it back, if at all.

I agree with another complaint by calling them "Loan Shark". There should be a law against this and their practice should be considered as preditory lending. I financed my auto to pay for tuition for college. At one point, I got behind a few days. They blasted my cell phone with text messages and automated response calls repeatedly, even after speaking with an agent.

Eventually, repossessed my vehicle. I honestly think they've started the entire loan over again from day one after picking up my car and paying all the fees associated with retrieving the vehicle. I don't have the guts to tell my family what a stupid, foolish, dumb mistake was made based on good intention. Or if my story justifies legal action against them. I've read the rules over and over and yes, they have the right to repossess even if it's 1 day late.

Consider them a deadly monetary virus that could financially wipe you out and leave you emotionally and mentally tortured.

They said no and collections activity's will continue. I said" OK talking to you tomorrow".